About the Network

Midwest Artist Network, a 501c(3) Non-Profit Corporation, produces educational seminars and networking events that meets the needs of artists in a range of mediums. Founded in 2008 by Mark & Gretch Hladish, professionally run competitions, conferences, seminars, and showcases focused on Music Arts exposed hundreds of new/emerging artists to their regional community offering legitimate career direction, coaching, and performance opportunities. In 2016 we expand into a variety of artistic expressions including Music Arts, Photo Arts, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts and Theater Arts.


Midwest Artist Network is a physical and virtual community of artists from a variety of mediums (Music Arts, Photo Arts,  Theater Arts, Fine Arts, Culinary Arts) who come together to share information and resources. Real music or any kind of art rarely blossoms in a vacuum and requires education, influences and mentorship. We create an environment for growth and expression, experimentation and encouragement.


Mark Hladish

With 40+ years as a professional composer, arranger and producer, Mark’s talent garnered him national recognition as a 9 year voting member of NARAS National Academy Recording Arts and Sciences – Technical Wing of Grammies. Mark punctuates his creative training with entrepreneurial ideas that hit the ground running.

Provided professional Sound Re-Inforcement for Indoor/Outdoor Events
7 years as Director of Music/Audio Production: National Children’s Entertainment Enterprise producing an interactive children’s show that toured 54 cities.
Produced over 400 albums/CDs; composed over 500 songs, published 54 songs in Nashville,TN.

Gretch Hladish

Experienced as a Business Communications Coach/Trainer, Gretch brings Midwest Artist Network to another level. Her unique toolbox of recruiting, training, and skills assessment offers the kind of leadership that keeps an organization inspired and growing:

Managed, trained and built sales teams for over 10 years; recruited and staffed 7 offices
Provided computer application training and customized curriculum development for Fortune 500 companies in Chicago-land area; created Product Education curriculum for image, style, and wellness
Produced monthly showcase identifying new/existing talent (selecting 4 singers/month, performing variety of genres live with house band). Part of a larger Chicago-area network providing five showcases.

Identified talent for recording projects, discern needs in composition, material, production, marketing and distribution of related materials
Received area airplay of her “Runaway” CD on Chicago’s US99, and her original CD “Have Faith” on WJCL, Whitewater

Keith Gibson

Dr. Gibson has loved his professional work. As a clinical psychologist he has worked in community mental health centers, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, and private practice. He especially loved working with children and families. His experiences inspired and led him into numerous entrepreneurial activities, many with a focus on the creation of educational training programs. Now is the time to slow down, “Stop and Smell the Roses.”

Photography provides that opportunity. Dr. Gibson became intrigued by how photography can help one see the unseen. He became intrigued with how principles of photography can be powerful metaphors and analogies for living a better life. Now in retirement, a keen interest is to stimulate activities where others may feel inspired with similar experiences.